Little Mehrin

Milan Kundera and the Jews; lectures and discussion by PhDr. Mojmír Jeřábek and PhDr. Milan Uhde

The writer Milan Kundera, who grew up in the cultural "tripolis" of Brno, never made any secret of his love and admiration for Jewish artists. Mojmír Jeřábek, one of Kundera's close circle of friends in Brno, believes that Kundera's boyhood encounter with the composer played a significant role in this regard. Pavel Haas.

Kundera came from a musical family, so it is not surprising that he often liked to write about music. His essay on one of the greats of modern classical music Arnold Schönberg is brilliant - and it's going to be one of the main themes of the evening. There will also be a discussion of Kundera's relationship with Franz Kafka, and another of his old friends, playwright Milan Uhde, will discuss Kundera's famous Jerusalem speech.

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