Little Mehrin

The one who didn't know whether he wanted to be a priest or a husband

Accept our invitation to an evening with a rare and special guest Jan Špilar, a well-known Brno hairdresser and clergyman. As an apprentice hairdresser, at the age of 18 he got a job as a make-up artist at the National Theatre and from there to make-up the actors in Forman's Oscar-winning film Amadeus. He was awarded a gold medal for starting the Czech section of Haute Couture Francaise. For thirty years he has been running the successful hairdressing salon Střihoruký Edward. He has also come a long way in his quest to become a priest. It culminated in his ordination as a deacon in the Diocese of Brno, where he prepares fiancés for marriage and provides spiritual support to families. He is one of the people who enter into the lives of many people and in his unique way brings God into the public space, even over the hairdresser's chair. May's discussion will also touch on the topic of the Jewish roots of the Shpilar family on Dad's side or the story of the Kytlic family, relatives on Mom's side who were honored with the title of Righteous Among the Nations for their selfless assistance and protection of the persecuted during the Holocaust.  

There will be a book available for purchase on site, which did not disappoint, Kadas Mana. Five conversations about God outside the church, published last year by Cesta. One of the interviews is conducted with Jan Špilar. The evening will be live streamed on the Little Mehrin FB.