Little Mehrin


Sunday 28 April at 5 pm

KINO ART, Brno, Cihlářská 19

Fioretta - the first and only screening of the successful film in the Czech Republic with the personal participation of the protagonist Randy Schoenberg

Since its inception in 2023, the documentary Fioretta has screened at festivals in Los Angeles, Zurich, Woodstock, Cincinnati and the ANU Museum in Tel Aviv... but has not yet been shown in the Czech Republic, even though it is partly set here. In it, American director Matthew Mishory presents a piece of history seen through the lens of the family story of Randol "Randy" Schoenberg, who is the grandson of Austrian-American classical composer Arnold Schoenberg, but has also been obsessed with genealogy since childhood. In this cinematic travelogue, Randy and his son Joey crisscross Prague, Vienna and Venice, gradually uncovering fascinating details of his family's Jewish past. In the age of the Internet and easily accessible virtual worlds, Fioretta celebrates real experiences, including the discovery of old texts, the browsing of centuries-old burial sites, or the joy of sharing a communal plaque with newly discovered relatives. (Using text by Adam Schartoff) The film in its original version with subtitles.

Entrance fee: 140 CZK basic entrance fee, 120 CZK students/seniors/ZTP