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Get to know Little Mehrin

  • We are a cultural-educational memory institution in Brno at Vídeňská 14, which
    is run by the Mehrin Foundation.
  • We organize interesting exhibitions, meetings and discussions with people who have something to say about Judaism and Jewish Moravia.
  • The exhibition space of 200 square meters on two floors has undergone a major reconstruction according to the beautiful design of the architectural studio Kamkab!net by Radim Horák.
  • We offer excellent kosher wine from the winery for refreshment at events in Malý Mehrin
    Hafner from Mönchhof in Lower Austria.
  • We started operations on 1 March 2023

Current exhibition

Places where Moravian Torah scrolls were at home 1942 - 1964 - 2019

The aim of the exhibition is to introduce the public to the unique phenomenon of the transfer of Torah scrolls, originally from Moravian and Czech synagogues to Great Britain, which took place in 1964. The transfer was historically preceded by the efforts of two museum institutions, the Jewish Museum in Prague and the Jewish Central Museum for Moravia-Silesia in Mikulov. The Torah, a black flame on a white flame, represents the sacred text that has provided for two and a half thousand years
continuity in values and liturgy for Jewish communities in the Diaspora, including those that were brutally decimated during the Nazi occupation of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. In a brief historical excursion, the complex force field of Nazi institutions and the employees of the Prague Jewish community at their mercy is presented here, when, after the incident with the so-called Mikulov collection, two bulletins were issued, in June and August 1942, ordering the removal of liturgical objects, including Torah scrolls, to Prague. The post-war renewal of many Jewish communities became a temporary phenomenon, with all due respect to those who
they sought to preserve their communities and maintain their activities; the political developments in the country also had an influence... 

Events and programme

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Brněnská muzejní noc

Brno Museum Night Saturday 18 May from 6 pm to midnight We have joined a number of organisations and institutions that...

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